Friday, November 20, 2020

 Welcome To The Rusty Hoe

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2021 Cold Crop Vegetable Plants 

$1.25 per 4pk, $1.50 per 6pk

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Hello, Freinds! My name is Angie, and I'm the co-owner (along with my mother, Violet Bledsaw) of the Rusty Hoe in Lamar, Arkansas. I designed and built this website myself, and all of the images were taken on our grounds. If you happen to find any mistakes, broken links, or typos - please drop me an email at: or call me at: (479) 214-8860. I'll be adding more content and updating the images as we enter the 2021 growing season - so set those bookmarks - and be sure to check back often!

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Our business page is here: Rusty Hoe Online

And my personal page is here: Angie

Using the tabs above, you'll be able to navigate our entire website. Use your browser's back button to return to the previous page you were on, or select another tab above to continue surfing the website. We hope you enjoy your visit, and encourage you to leave us some feedback on the comment sections at the bottoms of select pages! Please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see added to the website, or if there's anything we can do design-wise to make your experience here more enjoyable. We update the website monthly, so for the fastest news of new plants, produce, or sales events - you'll want to follow us on Facebook. 

We, at the Rusty Hoe, know you can purchase plants almost anywhere now days, including grocery stores and hardware stores. There are several commercial greenhouses and plant producers in the area as well. So, why should you choose the Rusty Hoe?

  1. We offer the lowest prices in the entire Arkansas River Valley.
  2. We're as dedicated to teaching you how to grow a plant as we are to providing plants for purchase.
  3. You have the right to be selective in the plants you choose to purchase. You will not find root-bound, diseased, stressed, or pest ridden plants at the Rusty Hoe.
  4. We grow the same plants in our gardens (and sell the produce) as the plants we offer for purchase. At any time, you're encouraged to tour our gardens and see how our plants perform in Zone 7, Arkansas ground, and ambient conditions.
  5. We grow our plants from only non-GMO and heirloom seed stock, and while we are not certified organic, we do grow our plant stock as naturally as possible.
The Rusty Hoe Difference does not stop there! We have a very strong sense of commitment to our community, and we strive to make plants and fresh produce available at zero cost to those in need. Our Blessings Box distributed over 300 pounds of fresh produce in 2020, and we were able to give away over 40 flats of vegetable plants. We hope to top this effort in 2021!

Our vision for the future is to see food plots growing in every lawn in Johnson county, and container gardens growing on every porch and patio. In an ever changing economy and uncertain times, there is no need to be scared - if you're prepared! Whether you own a 40 acre farm, or live in a high rise apartment building in the city - you can grow something to eat. It's our mission to help guild you every step of the way from consumer to producer.   

So, welcome, Friends - Now, Lets Get Growing!