Much like our selection of perennial plants, we offer a literal “hodge-podge” of trees, shrubs, and grasses. We at the Rusty Hoe do not cater to the big landscape companies who purchase 100s of trees at a time. We cater to the homeowner who is looking for that perfect addition to their yard. You won’t find vast “tree pads” or endless rows of shrubs and grass in pots when you visit us. What you will find is hand selected trees, shrubs, and grasses that are hand watered and cared for on a daily basis.

We do not allow our trees, shrubs and grasses to become root bound or to sit in the same pots year after year. We inspect our pots and re-pot as needed. We also trim and fertilize as needed. You’ll never find varieties that require full sun in the shade, nor varieties that require shade in the full baking sun. This is why you’ll never find a vast “tree pad” at our location. We arrange all of our varieties around our grounds by their specific optimum growing requirements.

We can’t list our entire inventory as it’s ever-changing. Please enjoy the images below from the 2020 season. For variety availability and current price, please call (479) 214-8860.

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