Spring brings a spectacular floral display to the Rusty Hoe Nursery! It’s also the time of year that we roll the plastic back and let that wonderful spring breeze blow through the greenhouses. The scent of so many blooms wafting through the air is intoxicating! Honey Bees buzz in and out, feeding on pollen, and tiny red and black spotted Lady bugs flit about hunting aphids. We’re located very close to a bee keeper, Dr. Buddy Smith, and we often joke that you’re witnessing how Buddy’s delicious Honey is made when you visit us.

We grow most of our annuals from seed, but we also propagate some from cuttings that we root. We try to meet the demand of the season with our own stock, but on occasion we purchase annuals from other trusted producers such as BP Nursery in Clarksville, Arkansas, Neumeier’s Greenhouse in Fort Smith, Arkansas and Freyaldenhoven’s Greenhouse in Conway, Arkansas. These growers and producers meet and even exceed our high standards of plant quality. Unlike other commercial nurseries, we do not “re-brand” the plant stock we purchase from other producers with our Rusty Hoe plant tags. We want you to know where these amazing plants were grown – and hope that you visit our friends in the business!

We make two seasonal “plug” purchases from a trusted producer; petunias in the spring and pansies in the fall. We partner with Cox Family Nursery in Hartman, Arkansas because Stacy Cox has excellent suppliers that sell only top quality live plugs. Not to mention – Stacy picks the most beautiful color combinations! If you’re in the Hartman area, please stop by and visit Cox Family Nursery and tell them The Rusty Hoe sent you!

As our stock is ever-changing, we can’t list our entire inventory here, but please enjoy the images below that highlight a few of our select choices. If you need specific availability information or current pricing on particular annuals, please call us at: (479) 214-8860. 

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