Our Mission

We believe the future depends upon sustainable gardening, permaculture, and food-scaping. You can't eat your lawn! 

With growing concerns about interruptions in the food supply chain, unemployment, and potential quarantines and shut-in mandates - there's no reason to be scared - if you know how to be prepared. 

Our mission here at the Rusty Hoe is to help empower you to take charge of your own self-sustainability, by helping you with the difficult transition from consumer to producer.  

It makes little difference if you live in a high-rise apartment building, or own a 40 acre farm - you can grow something to eat right where you are! Even if you think you don't have a "green thumb", we will strive to help you every step of the way... even if you didn't buy your plants from us. You read that right. 

Our goal is not to sell you a plant - our goal is to help you grow one

The first thing you'll notice when you visit the Rusty Hoe is that we "practice what we preach". Our grounds are surrounded by several gardens, fruit and nut trees, berry patches, and untamed nature. The compost pile stinks, our hands are calloused and usually dirty, the gardens need weeded, there's aphids on the tomato plants (again!), and the yard needs mowed. There may be a sign on the greenhouse telling you we're inside the house canning beans. There's no telling what kind of baby critter I may be holding, or how long that water hose by the strawberries has actually been running. The cat sheds, the dog barks, and I can't guarantee you won't find a fire ant. (horrid little demons!)

But what you'll also notice is our passion for and dedication to what we do. Our plants are a reflection of our commitment to making a difference. Our produce represents the "fruits of our labor". And you, dear Friends, are what makes all the hard work worth every minute! To see your joy when you grow a tomato, or harvest a cucumber, or smell your own fresh basil simmering in your famous homemade spaghetti sauce - that's the profit in this for us. 

With a very uncertain future ahead of us, the best investment we can make today is in seeds for tomorrow. And always try to grow through what we go through....

God Bless You, Friends!

Hope to see you during the 2021 Growing Season!

Violet & Angie

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