Covid-19 Pandemic Procedure

At the Rusty Hoe, we will adhere to and follow all directives from the President and WHO, our county/city ordinances, recommendations/mandates from our Governor, as well as guidelines set by the CDC and ADH. As these may change, so shall our operational procedures.

At this time, the Rusty Hoe is not participating in Covid-19 screening. However, we ask that you please stay home if you are running fever or experiencing any flu-like symptoms.

Our current rules are as follow:

1. All customers are asked to wear a face mask at all times. If you have an exemption or health condition that prevents you from wearing a face mask, please call ahead (479-214-8860), and you will be given an appointment time in which you may shop alone.

2. All customers purchasing produce are asked to use hand sanitizer prior to touching the produce. It is recommended that you bring your own produce bag, however, one will be provided if you forget.

3. All customers are asked to maintain social distancing at all times.


The Rusty Hoe offers free delivery within 25 miles of our location on all orders of $50.00 or more. We charge a delivery fee on orders of less than $50.00, and an additional mileage fee for deliveries further than 25 miles from our location.

Curbside Pickup

You may phone the Rusty Hoe anytime during regular business hours to place your order and arrange for curbside pickup. Please note that if you place an order and request curbside pickup on our Facebook page or website, it may take us longer to fill your order and arrange a pickup time as these are only answered as we have breaks during the work day. For faster service, please phone us directly. (479-214-8860).


We're all familiar with the original "American Gothic", a 1930 painting by Grant Wood in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. 2020 changed that picture for the world with the arrival of the Covid-19 virus. It's our hope and prayer here at the Rusty Hoe that 2021 will be the end of this horrible pandemic. 

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