The Rusty Hoe has a literal “hodge-podge” of perennial plants to choose from. If it’s caught our eye – we probably have it! We don’t cater to big landscape companies that purchase 200 identical perennials at a time – we cater to the property owner who’s looking for that perfect perennial for their yard that creates a focal point, adds that little extra curb appeal or finishing touch.

Unlike other commercial greenhouses, we don’t have “tree pads” or “lay down yards” where perennials are grouped and kept sitting in pots for years. Our entire inventory is spaced throughout our grounds in areas of prime condition for the specific perennial. You’ll find hostas grouped under shade trees thriving in the cool, and lantana living a happy life of full sunshine in our rock garden. We do not allow our perennials to become “root bound” from staying in pots entirely too long either. We routinely re-pot our entire inventory as their root systems develop.

The bulk of our perennial selection originated in the yards of our friends! This allows us to offer the lowest prices in the entire River Valley. You may have even seen us out collecting various plants such as Gaura from creeks and streams in the area! Unlike other commercial greenhouses, we also offer our “Bring a cutting – Take a cutting” exchange program to anyone interested in swapping. If you bring in a viable cutting, rooted plug, bulb, or rhizome from a perennial that we don’t have – we’ll gladly swap for one that you don’t have. Seasonally, we do a “bulb thinning” in the early spring and again in the late fall. This is a great time to purchase lilly and iris bulbs of all variety and color at deeply discounted prices. Follow us on Facebook for the dates and times of these special sales!

Since we can’t list our entire (and ever changing!) perennial inventory, please enjoy these images from the 2020 season. For specific perennial availability and current pricing, please call (479) 214-8860.

Rusty Hoe Strawberries

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