Blessing Box

On a very hot afternoon in May, 2020, I didn't hear the pickup pulling into the drive. I'd been in the garage working to sharpen a shovel and hoe with a grinder. Movement caught my eye, and I recognized the smiling face of a friend I'd grown fond of earlier in the season when he'd bought a big potted tomato. 

He needed some fertilizer to feed the tomato, and as we talked in the driveway - I didn't even notice the large object in the back of the truck. When I tried to give him the little jar of fertilizer, he tried to pay for it. I tried to give it to him instead, but he was having no part of that! 

He said; "If you won't let me pay you for it, would you let me trade you something for it? Either take the money or take a trade, I'm not leaving here until you do."

Trade! I said, hoping maybe he had a fresh picked tomato or something.

To my surprise, he pointed to the large object in the back of the truck. I didn't have words. I couldn't believe what I was looking at! He'd hand crafted and handmade a beautiful Blessings Box for the Rusty Hoe! (He also taught me a very crafty way to make wood stain using vinegar and steel wool!)

Since that very blessed day, we've been able to give away over 300 pounds of fresh produce to the community. The box is insulated and keeps everything we put inside cool and dry. He wishes to remain nameless - and I'll respect his wishes. But I hope he knows what a difference his act of kindness has made, and how very thankful we are! 

Follow us on Facebook for announcements on when the box is filled. You'll find it sitting at the top of the drive as you turn off Highway 359, on your LEFT. The wind sometimes whips the doors open, so I put a little stick between the handles to keep them shut. Feel free to open it and take as much as you need - all we ask is that you close the doors and put the little stick back through the handles to keep them closed. 

God Bless You, Friends!  

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