Fresh Produce

There's nothing better than fresh picked goodness from the garden! At the Rusty Hoe, we grow the same plants that we sell, so our gardens are living testimony to the quality of our plants. I garden the entire area by myself, so there's little time to nurse withering plants or waste energy on poor producers. When I plant something, it has to take off and produce well with as little effort on my part as possible. 

The finished product is healthy, beautiful, vegetables! Our produce is picked daily, so you're guaranteed freshness. We wash everything when we add it to the produce stand. We ask that everyone shopping uses hand sanatizer prior to touching any of the vegetables, and we wear gloves as we bag up your purchase. From sun ripened tomatoes to crisp snow peas, our vegetables are ready for your table or canning jars!

We can't list all of our varieties here, but please enjoy these images from our 2020 growing season. For current availability and pricing, please call: (479) 214-8860.

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