I'm a hoarder at heart with a splash of natural hippie creativity. I'm also a proponent of - recycle, reuse, repurpose. So every time a garden hack or creative way to repurpose something catches my eye, I love to share it with you, Friends. This project idea came from Stanley Brown's daughter, Angie Richardson. My mother was working with her at Blossomberry Nursery at the time. 

Plant tags are a constant need at a greenhouse. They can also be quite costly. The natural wooden tags deteriorate too fast in the high humidity of a greenhouse, and the plastic ones are such a needless waste when you consider they end up in the trash. While many plastic products could be repurposed to make a plant identification tag - it takes a special kind of plastic to hold up to constant sun exposure. Most plastics soon become brittle. 

Angie discovered the perfect plastic to repurpose for this when she took a closer look at some mini-blinds she no longer had a use for. The plastic that mini-blinds are constructed with just happens to be the type of plastic that's designed to withstand constant sun exposure without becoming brittle! 

This project is super easy and you can literally make 1000s of tags from a single repurposed blind. The first thing you'll want to do is cut the plastic strips from the blind. Just snip the strings at the top and bottom of the blind. Then pull out the center strings. The strips will now slide right out. 

Next, cut the strips into 4 inch sections. Then cut the last inch into a V. And there you have it - endless plant tags! 

Thanks, Angie Richardson! 


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